Pineapple salsa – mix of chunky fresh Pineapples with the choice of veggies & herbs & some hot peppers, seasoned with Mexican spices like cumin & paprika.


Chutney/Dip Odia

Lauki Kofta in Cashew nut Gravy is a rich curry cooked with Bottle Gourd balls in the cashew nut gravy and enjoyed with Indian Flat breads like Naan, Rotis or Paratha.

North Indian Vegan Vegeterian

Egg Non Vegeterian Odia

Methi Pakoda Kadhi is a spiced yogurt based gravy where the fenugreek or methi leaves fritters a.k.a pakodas and dumped and enjoyed with a bowl of rice.

Dal and Kadhi Fritters North Indian Raita