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Mutter Paratha is an Indian Flat Bread that is made out of stuffed spicy Mutter . The Paratha can be eaten with chutney or curd and can be served as an Indian Main course or part of Indian Thali.

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No onion no Garlic version of Mutter Paneer is a creamy, tangy gravy dish of Paneer (Cottage Cheese), which goes perfectly with any form of Indian bread and is a favorite among Indian vegetarians.

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Machha Jhola is the fish cooked in a rich spicy gravy. It’s assorted with garam masala to bring unique flavors and does justice to your taste buds. Generally served with Plain Rice.

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Phirni is a North Indian Sweet Dish or Dessert. It is usually served chilled. The beauty of the dish is the saffron flavor and creamy texture of ground rice.

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Veg Roll is an Indian vegetarian wrap. It’s a famous street food enjoyed by all people. The crispy flour covering and spicy vegetable is perfect couple.

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Chattu or Mushroom Besara is a traditional Odiya food. The Sourness and Mustard Flavoring is like a crown to Mushroom. Try it must!

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